Presentation of Integrated Model of Consumer Behavior in Electronic Shopping

Document Type : Research Paper



Consumers' behavior at the time of shopping on the internet like the traditional model of shopping is the result of some cultural, social, individual, psychological, etc factors. In the recent years researchers have considered shopping behavior in the internet environment and also have designed different models for electronic consumer behavior meanwhile identifying influencing factors. Compilation and review of different perspectives seemingly disparate and an integrated model of consumer behavior presentation is the primary purpose of this article. The article is dialectical and based on analysis, combination and integration of consumer behavior literature. Findings show despite the wide and repeated researches and studies about electronic consumer behavior areas like trust, electronic contracts, prospect, motivators, motives, etc. count to survey the electronic consumer behavior still. The paper using electronic consumer behavior literature and previous empirical researches and by presentation some new influencing factors on the consumer behavior has presented an integrated model of electronic consumer behavior while helping retailers in understanding the electronic consumer behavior.