Media Mix Elements Affecting Service Brand Equity (Case Study: Sina Bank)

Document Type : Research Paper



Nowadays Brand equity is one of the key factors to create competitive advantage and success for banks. One of the major contributors towards building brand equity is advertising. Advertising influences brand equity in a number of ways. It thus becomes extremely important for the practicing managers to know how advertising frequency across different media vehicles influences brand equity for different groups of consumers. The purpose of this research is to explore the effects of media mix elements on customer-based brand equity and its dimensions for two separate groups of first time and repeat customers.
The studying method is descriptive and correlation and also data gathering device is the questionnaire which its reliability and validity after designing has been assessed. Sina bank customers in Tehran were studying statistical population. The sample was included 420 people. In order to select samples, cluster sampling was used to select the samples. We have used the structural equation model (SEM) and SPSS and Amos Graphics 19.0 softwares for our analysis.
The results indicate that advertising frequency in all selected media has had positive effect on brand equity in every two groups of consumers. In addition, the results show that television is the best medium to influence the repeat time customers and event sponsorship is the best medium to influence the first time customers.
Although our research is limited by several factors that can be addressed in future research, this study must be used as a guide by the brand managers who focus on the media mix elements to strengthen the dimensions of brand equity while positioning the brand to specific consumer groups.